TodayAstro Monthly Horoscope: Leo, November 2019

The Leo Astrology for November 2019 foretells a lot of significant and landmark moments occurring within the lives of those that possess this sign. But, before getting into that, it’s imperative to know about the Leo sign as a whole, familiarizing oneself with the traits and tendencies. The Sign of the Leo, as per the latest zodiac calendar, is designated to those individuals born on, or between the dates of July 23rd and August 22nd. This sign is sequentially the fifth one appearing in the zodiac, prior to it appears the Cancer, and following it, the sign of the Virgo. The Leo is a fire elemental sign, and is symbolized by the glyph of The Lion. The following is the Leo Astrology for November 2019.


Leo Love & Romance Prediction for November 2019

Apparently, as per the November predicitons for those holding the Leo sign, your love life will be excellent this month. Those Leos who have partners should expect for plenty of romance and a loving, bonding time. On the flipside, those Leos who are single, should expect to meet someone special this month.

Leo Family Prediction for November 2019

On the familial side of things, Leos should be glad to hear that they will have the luxury of spending plenty of time with their family, and loved ones. Enjoy this time, as it is rare you get so much with your family at once.

Leo Career Prediction for November 2019

When it comes to the career of the Leo in November, you will be faced with a lot of growth and expansion in the workplace. This will mostly be positive, as the higher ups in your organization will bestow an increasing amount of faith and trust in you as an employee. Use this to your advantage, and attempt to leverage the maximum advantages for yourself.

Leo Finance Prediction for November 2019

Leos may feel the need to seek some kind of financial aid, help, or assistance this month. While you are usually good with money, you will find that you happened to have mismanaged over the past few weeks, and it’s coming back to haunt you in some way or another.

Leo Health Prediction for November 2019

Leos will have a difficult time at the start of November in 2019, however, as the month progresses, you will feel better and better since the stars will align in your favor. This is good since it will give you some time to reflect as to things you have done either right or wrong in your past when it comes to health, giving you greater perspective.

Leo Education Prediction for November 2019

Last up before the conclusion of our article, comes the prediction for Leos in November from a student’s perspective. You will find yourself venturing more and more into the field of arts this month, and while this is a positive thing, be sure that you don’t divert your attention too far from the core subjects, since these will form the foundation of your future as you grow older.

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